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About Us

About Winning Ways

Winning Ways has been a successful Career and Life Coaching firm for over 22 years.  We can help you find your core passion drivers and show you how to get what you want and deserve. We provide career and life coaching, resume enhancement, interview techniques, and hidden, useful, secret tools that work to land a job and plan the appropriate career that fits you. We teach you how to build a stronger foundation and guide you to places that will increase your confidence and get a clear understanding of you, so you can make better educated and realistic career and life choices and how you can fit in the world of work to achieve your highest potential.

Our goals and objectives are to:

  • Help you identify your skills and strengths, interests, values, and personality characteristics.
  • Train and develop your mind, character, knowledge and skills to increase your self-esteem.
  • Teach you the realities of the work world and provide you with the framework to become self-reliant and manage your own career in today’s business environment.
  • Help you understand that work can be more than “just a job”—that it can be a valued means of self-expression and contribution.
  • We help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be so you can claim your own destiny and keep your dignity.

If you commit to our WINNING WAYS processes, you will gain clarity, confidence and hope for the future.Who can benefit most?  We are committed to working with people who are in transition, open minded and interested in growing and viewing their world as an opportunity full of possibilities.  We love supporting people who are motivated to ‘win’ and want to be satisfied in a life that works for them.


Our Mission Statement


We help people who are in a life transition,

understand their passions with powerful rendition.

So they can discover their real life’s mission,

and find their heart’s ‘so’ true ambition.

With this amazing insight and new cognition,

our clients can now begin a brand new tradition.

And give themselves wholehearted permission,

to have magic in their life like a great magician.

And with this new, wonderful and insightful condition,

bring authentic reasons for life’s rewarding, complete fruition!